Welcome to Rolling Acres Stable

Quality Care for your Equine Companion


   Welcome to Rolling Acres Stable

"Quality Care for your Equine Companion"

Our Facilities:

  • We are located on 42nd Street in Scotts, nestled in farm country, 20 Minutes from Kalamazoo or Battle Creek
  • We have a private farm with over 30 pastured acres, with rolling hills and woods, with a small creek running on the edge of the property.
  • We are surrounded by hundreds of acres of fields and woods, in a country setting.
  • Our "main" barn has 8 matted box stalls with windows,2 organized locked tack rooms, and several sets of cross ties for tacking
  • Our "twin" barn, which has 8 inclement weather stalls, wash stall, 2 private turnouts, cross ties, feed/tack area, and a heated break-room with restroom.
  • We have another barn with 5 stalls, locked tack/feed room, and a set of cross ties.
  • We also have our "specialty" barn with 4 stalls, a feed room and a locked tack room.
  • We provide heated buckets/tanks for the winter and box fans for the stalls in the summer. Ritchie waterers for our pastures.
  • Well lit barns, stalls, arenas, and pastures.
  • We have different pastures & paddocks for pasturing options according to temperaments and feeding needs- we ensure the safety and diet of each horse!
  • Safe and visible fencing, 3 strands polytape along with white board/posts. 
  • Clean and well kept premises, and pastures harrowed regularly.
  • Security system on premises
  • We have several pastures; each having access to natural shade and a run-in shelter 
  • We also have 9 private dry paddock turnouts.
  • There are hitching rails outside each barn for bathing or tacking outside if preferred
  • We have an InstaHot washing system for warm water bathing 
  • We custom bale all of our own hay, so our animals have a consistent and nutritious diet along with seasonal grazing.
  • We offer Purina feeds. Additional options available. 
  • We have a small outdoor arena (70x90), and (60' round pen) for light riding and training, with sand footing.
  • We also have access to surrounding acres of farmland with a 1 mile scenic trail loop behind the farm, and back roads to ride throughout the country side; with an adjacent wooded trail.
  • We are just a few blocks from KalVal Saddle Club- which hosts local pleasure and speed shows.
  • 15 minutes from Fort Custer for state park trail riding
  • On site trailer rental available for boarders to venture to fair/shows/vet clinics/parks.

What sets us apart?

Our farm is low key and peaceful. We provide exceptional care at a fraction of the price of other facilities. We offer top quality feed and care along with no charge extras, without the additional expense to the boarder. We customize the care for each horse, with attention to the details of their individual needs. 

We are long time experienced equestrians and fellow horse enthusiasts. We understand the bond that comes from the love of an equine. We give the owner peace of mind knowing their horse is in good hands and welcome their owners with genuine hospitality!!




11721 South 42nd Street

Scotts, MI 49088




Testimonials (Thank you to our boarders and visitors for your comments!)

"I can not tell you how happy we are at your place. You all take great care of the horses"- Lynne and karen

"The horses were doing so well when we were out there. I am very pleased with your services"- Vicki R-P.

"Your farm is perfect "- Brian S.

"We both like the way you have the place set up"- Larry and Robyn

"You have a beautiful place. It is evident how much you care about the horses" Deb and Bridgette

"You take such good care of the horses" - Vicki T-C

"I know he is in good hands"-Kerrie S.

"I like my horses at your barn. I have not found any place that is reasonably priced as you are and I love the way my horses look since they have been at your barn"- Dawn Z.

"I think that you take the best care and I tell everyone you will not get the same care at a big stable"- Deb B.

"Thank you for taking such good care of Sonny, he is so content"-Jessica M.

"Thanks to you both for taking such good care of Two Socks. I feel so good having her out at your farm"-Shari B.

"You guys are awesome in the care of our horses"- Tina and Susan

Thankyou for the wonderful care that you took of my horses.  It was great knowing they were well cared for!! I appreciate all that both you and Dan did for me and my horses. And It was always great to come out to see your smiling faces!!! -Dawn

"Thank you so much for updating me on Dancer, it's great to know she is in good hands!"-Cynthia

 "You have taken such good care of him (Chase), thank you very much"-Jamie

"Hanging out at your farm is relaxing and always fun, I can totally let my guard down and not feel like I am being judged" "It feels homey at your place"- Lisa

"It is a huge relief knowing my "ponies" are being so well taken care of, thank you again". Vicki C

"I'm trusting your judgment ........ Which is something you should be proud of, I don't often trust other people's judgment on my horses, or to take care of them when I'm not around : ). But I feel at ease putting them in your care." -Emily

"Thanks again for everything. We love it there!. As always, thanks for the continued awesome care"- Jamiee

 "Best barn care in southern Michigan!"- Judy